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It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to care for my elderly parents who refused to move in with me.  Two years ago they moved to the first phase of St. Anthony Village, a low-income facility- Village St. Margaret… independent living… still looks new, very well maintained, easy parking, and secured entrance… option to buy meals at the dining hall a parking lot away.  Six months ago they moved to Stage II. St. Anthony Village Assisted Living… same seats in the dining hall with their friends, new apartment in the same building with the dining hall with round the clock medical supervision, but still independent… My dad still was driving, some activities planned… the Catholic parish is just steps away and next to that is a preschool with their play area in view of the residents (perfect for my parents).  Staff is accessible and understand the issues and concerns grown children have with their aging parents (remember that will be us someday!).  And two months again we moved my mom to stage III – St. Anthony Alzheimer’s Memory Care. Very small only 12 rooms… Three security doors, all meals served in their very nice dining area. My dad still lives in assisted living (connected to the memory care) and he comes to be with my mom every morning for breakfast through lunch.  He knows she is care for and doesn’t worry so much about her medication or other care.  The staff has been wonderful in answering questions, getting help in making appointments.  We are very involved and visit a couple of times a week. It is never easy but St. Anthony Village and their staff have made it much easier for all of us.

- Holly D.

Testimonial # 2.

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